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Yang Chi Seung, Celebrity Trainer Reveals Jin’s Real Measurements



After a ‘BTS Run‘ episode where BTS members measured Jin’s wide shoulders themselves. Fans asked Yang Chi Seung (Jin’s personal trainer) about Jin’s real measurements if his shoulders are more than 50cm wide.

Yang Chi Seung, who is a famous personal trainer among top celebrities, created “beast-dols (beast idols)” did not disappoint the fans and ended their curiosities by responding to their queries.

This is not the first time Jin’s wide shoulders were a big topic. Fans always noticed Jin’s immense upper body compared to others around him. 

Not only fans but the celebrity trainer has always been proud of Jin’s body.  

“Jin already had wide shoulders (when he first came to me.) I only made it so that no one else can compare to his shoulders.”

— Yang Chi Seung

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Niall Horan urges fans not to say ‘whatever they want’ to celebrities online: ‘We are normal people’




Niall Horan has asked his fans to avoid saying “whatever they want” to celebrities online, pointing out that stars are “normal people that do an abnormal job”.

In a series of posts shared on Twitter this week, Horan asked his fans to be cautious about what they choose to say to himself and other celebrities on social media.

The former One Direction star wrote: “Because we are famous faces and people see us online, on tv, in interviews etc… doesn’t mean people can say what they want.”

The posts were in response to a tweet posted by someone calling Horan a “weirdo” for the way he was holding his phone. He replied, “That’s not very nice is it?”

Horan went on to explain to a fan: “I respond not because I’m personally offended by any of them (in fact if you knew me personally you would know I couldn’t give a s*** about most things in life.”

“I respond because I try to help people understand that you can’t just say what you want to people online.”

“It’s effectively the same as walking up to someone in the street and just saying what you want to their faces… you just don’t do it,” he continued.

“It bothers me because I know it hurts other people and that’s the frustrating part. Not everyone is as thick skinned.”

The Irish singer specified that “I’m not talking about specific people here”. He signed off by asking his followers to “be nicer to each other and spread the love and laughs”.

Horan released his latest solo album Heartbreak Weather earlier this year.

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19 Celebrities On How Hard Breastfeeding Is




Updated 14 minutes ago. Posted 6 hours ago

“I went from being an autonomous woman to essentially being a food truck.”

For many, the image of breastfeeding is one of total serenity: a glowing mom peacefully feeding her baby with a smile. But, in reality, it’s a lot less pretty, at least most of the time, and especially in the beginning. Breastfeeding can be really, really hard — and it doesn’t help that the stigma of “breast is best” is still rampant over the thought that “a fed baby is a well-fed baby.” So it might be reassuring that even the moms with every resource at their disposal can struggle.


Angelina Jolie

Mike Marsland / Mike Marsland / WireImage

“You think, ‘Ah, if anybody can do that, I can do that.’ It’s very hard,” Angelina said on GMTV of breastfeeding her twins, Vivienne and Knox. “I stopped at three months, [it was] about as much as I could do. … There’s this football hold — it’s a lot harder than it looks in the books. I did that a few times. I would take turns. It just takes a long time.”


Mila Kunis

Gary Gershoff / WireImage

“It took us a little back because people actually looked at us in a shameful [way], and we were like, ‘Oh my God,’ because it’s so not a sexual act,” Mila said about the experience of breastfeeding in public to Vanity Fair.


Amal Clooney

Neil Mockford / GC Images

“When I was nursing, it was much more complicated, because there are two,” Amal told Vogue. “I had all manner of weird cushions and pillows and machines.”

So to all of the moms out there, however your baby is getting fed, take a moment to praise yourself for giving your baby exactly what they need.

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Celebrities are coming to Ellen Degeneres’ defense




Nacho Figueras, an Argentine polo player, called on DeGeneres’ A-list friends to publicly support her.

nacho figueras ellen

Nacho Figueras is friends with Ellen DeGeneres.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

Figueras praised the comedian in an Instagram post he shared on Monday. 

After saying that he’d waited for “someone with more authority” to speak up in defense of DeGeneres, Figueras decided to share his experience with the comedian and called her show “a very well run machine.”

“Everyone was super nice, not just to me but to each other and anyone involved,” he wrote.

The professional polo player then stated that DeGeneres is kind to both famous and non-famous people. 

“I have seen Ellen act not just in her show but in public appearances in theaters where she is nice to absolutely everyone, the guy serving the coffee, the person in the elevator, the security guy and the owner of the venue,” he said. 

Figueras added, “Everyone loves her because that is who she is. She makes the world a better place for millions of people everyday and we cannot hit her because something may have not been perfect.”

The athlete then called on some of the comedian’s friends — like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, Pink, Sean Hayes, Lady Gaga, Oprah, Katy Perry, and Justin Timberlake — to publicly support DeGeneres.

Figueras first met DeGeneres and de Rossi when he and his wife Delfina Blaquier struck up a conversation with the couple at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

He then appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for the first time in 2017 and raved about the host on air. 

“She really is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. I think that we connected right away. I really love you. You know how much I love her?” he asked the audience before pulling down his pants to show off a pair of boxers with DeGeneres’ face on them. 

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