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Why Do Celebrity Deaths Make Us Grieve So Much?



Despite having never met them, a lot of people feel an overwhelming sadness whenever a celebrity dies.

We’re only halfway through the catastrophic disaster that is the year of 2020 and yet we’ve already lost so many people, either due to the coronavirus or otherwise.

As the number of coronavirus fatalities keeps rising, it seems we have almost become desensitized to the suffering of other people.

One thing that hasn’t changed despite a pandemic is how much we collectively grieve the loss of a celebrity.

The entire nation came together to publicly grieve the deaths of Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor and more recently, Sushant Singh Rajput.

So why is it that we feel so deeply sad for people we never personally knew?

Just to be clear, your grief is valid

Grief is something that you must give space to be experienced. Pushing your feelings down for the fear of ridicule by others is not healthy.

“Feelings are signals—if you feel sad about a loss, it’s a signal it had some meaning to you.” says clinical psychologist Natalia Skritskaya, PhD at Columbia University.

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Celebrities are supposed to be immortal

Celebrities seemingly exist in another realm, one without the concept of time.

When we listen to certain music or watch movies, we consider them to be timeless, we can watch them over and over again and the actors don’t grow old.


In the back of our mind, we believe that they will live forever.

So when the news of their death reaches us, we become surprised and sad at the fact that they’ll never make new art again.

It also forces us to confront our own mortality, the fact that someday our loved ones will also die and so will we.

It feels personal yet public

The death of a celebrity is a public matter.

It seems obvious that the death of a public figure would involve public displays of sadness, commonly through social media.

And yet, the losses feel personal because celebrities are part of our lives, they may have played a character that you related with, they may have written songs that are associated with a defining moment of your life or they may have created art that was part of your childhood.

When they die, a little part of our past dies along with them.

How to deal with grief?

Social media allows you to take part in collective mourning. Sharing pictures, old videos or recounting the highlights of the celebrity’s life becomes a sort of ritual that helps to get over grief healthily.

Give yourself time to feel the grief by identifying and exploring it through writing or talking about it.

When a celebrity dies, their faces are plastered everywhere for a while after their death. After a while, some people may find it distressing to be constantly badgered by seeing them all the time, making it difficult to deal with grief.

In such situations, you should limit the consumption of news on the topic of their death. This isn’t done to avoid feeling sad but simply to not get overwhelmed by details of their lives which will inevitably be talked about for a while after their death.

People get over their sadness in their ways, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other.

Robert Frost once said, “The best way out is always through.” We must get through our bad days to get to the good ones and the best way to do that is by making our way through them, one step at a time.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Psychology Today, The Guardian, Vice

Find the blogger: @RoshniKahaHain

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Celebrities hit campaign trail to get you to vote … for Democrats




Eva Longoria focuses on Texas Latino voters alienated by Trump administration immigration quips and policies

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Corpus Christi native Eva Longoria is the latest Hollywood celebrity hitting the campaign trail in 2020.

Earlier, comic George Lopez and singer Demi Lovato – a New Mexican – took to the airwaves and social media to mobilize their fans to early voting locations and urge others to safely show up at the polls on Nov. 3.

“I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to push the vote. We’re in a battle for the soul of our country and this is a time we have to remember who we are as a community,” Longoria told Border Report via Zoom. “Go out and vote, make a plan. If you’ve already voted you have a job of calling and texting all your friends and family. Help them find their polling place, their IDs, find their ballot. Help others making sure they’re involved in democracy.”

The former “Desperate Housewives” star is paying special attention to Texas, where the growing number of Hispanic voters could help the Democratic Party deliver 38 electoral votes to Joe Biden. Most celebrities are campaigning for Democrats, and Longoria was one of the hosts at that party’s national convention this year.

Eva Longoria

“We need a government that understands that the issues that are important to Latinos are the same that are important to everyone,” she said. “We want a strong economy with opportunities for our families, we want health insurance, we want a good education for our kids, and we want to reform our immigration system.”

The self-described “9th generation Texan” said the Trump administration has made many Hispanics feel excluded and vilified. She was referring to Trump calling migrants criminals, rapists, and “bad hombres,” and policies that have resulted in the separation of families and the prolonged detention of children at the border.

“We need to demand that our community, the Latino community, is treated with dignity,” Longoria said. “It’s up to all of us to make sure we choose a president that is a president for everyone. That includes red states, blue states, all of the states.”

She said Hispanics want immigration reform like the rest of the nation, but one that includes empathy for migrants and recognizes their contributions to the U.S. economy.

“We have an entire industry of agriculture dependent on migrant workers. We cannot have our migrant workers living in the shadows and living in fear. They have to be able to work and our economy needs them,” Longoria said.

The actress says she’s aware early voting in Texas is on a record pace and believes Latinos and younger voters are among those fueling the trend. That’s because the COVID-19 say-at-home restrictions have prompted more people to use technology, early vote and vote by mail.

She urged people to observe social distancing and other COVID-19 protection when they go to the polls.

Visit the homepage for the latest exclusive stories and breaking news about issues along the United States-Mexico border.

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Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest’s ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Halloween costumes are absolutely perfect – and Dan Levy agrees!




By Heather Cichowski

Ew, David! It might not be Oct. 31 quite yet, but celebrities are already getting into the
Halloween spirit. Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest dressed up as Moira and David Rose from Schitt’s Creek for a recent taping of Live With Kelly and Ryan.

The costumes might not be the most spooky, but they were undoubtedly a treat for fans. The
American Idol host shared a photo of himself decked out in a black-and-white lightning sweater, skirt, skinny pants and white sunglasses. The Halloween costume was a dead ringer for one of David’s stylish ensembles. Even
Dan Levy approved of Ryan’s spot-on version of his character.

“EW, DAVID,” Ryan captioned the post. “Don’t miss our new #LIVEHalloween show this Friday! #SchittsCreek”

“I’ve never looked better,” Dan tweeted.

“Love that journey for you,” the host replied, referencing one of
Schitt’s Creek‘s most quotable lines.

MORE: The Rosebud Motel from ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is going up for sale

Not to be outdone, Kelly recreated one of Moira’s iconic outfits and wigs, which was worn during the beloved Canadian show’s finale. And to paraphrase
Catherine O’Hara‘s character, Kelly was radiant!

“Bébé! #MoiraRose #schittscreek @schittscreek #LiveHalloween is this Friday,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside the incredible Halloween costume.

Dan also responded to Kelly’s costume on Instagram. He wrote, “Well, this made my day” on her post.

Ryan and Kelly are hosting a Halloween show on Oct. 30, so there are bound to be even more exciting costumes showcased then The co-hosts have come up with some incredible looks over the years, and these
Schitt’s Creek ones have already set the bar very high!

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You Won’t Believe Sizzling 1987 Chevy Celebrity Is a Family Car




1987 chevrolet celebrity tv commercial

Chevrolet Division, General Motors

The General introduced the world to the new front-wheel-drive A-Body platform for the 1982 model year, with the Chevy Celebrity carrying the flag for all the 6000s, Centuries, and Cutlasses to follow. The A-platform Cutlass managed to stay in production all the way through 1996, amazingly enough, but it’s the Celebrity we all remember.

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Here’s a television ad for the 1987 Celebrity Eurosport, complete with exquisitely 1980s music and sound effects.

1987 chevrolet celebrity eurosport with 1965 chevrolet impala

Murilee Martin

A gold 1987 Celebrity Eurosport with 98-horsepower Iron Duke engine was the new car that finally convinced my patriotic Minnesota-raised parents that they would switch to Toyota products from that point on (that troublesome car shown here with my reliable ’65 Impala in the foreground). But many Celebrities soldiered on for decades, including this bread-and-butter sedan in Colorado.

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