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TikTok’s Indian alternative Chingari app garners 2.5 million downloads: What does it offer?



Written by Mohammad Faisal
| New Delhi |

Updated: June 29, 2020 4:59:08 pm

chingari, chingari app, short video app, chingari app android, what is chingari app, chingari app review Chingari app showcases short videos, news, and games. (Image: Screenshot/ Chingari app)

Following the anti-China sentiments and social media uproar against Chinese apps in India, a lot of native apps have started to garner users who are migrating from these apps. One such app has turned out to be Chingari, which has crossed the 2.5 million download mark recently. However, the co-founders of the app differentiate themselves from developers who are trying to cash in on the “boycott Chinese” sentiments. The Google Play page shows Chingari app was released in November 2018.

“Unlike its competitors in the Google Play Store that are just cheap copies of a 50 USD script available on Envato and that are only getting some traction due to the ‘boycott Chinese’ sentiment in the country, Chingari has been engineered and developed for over 2 years with regular feedback from the users,” said Sumit Ghosh, the co-founder and Chief of Product and Growth.

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The short video sharing app reached the milestone from 550,000 downloads in just 10 days. Sumit Ghosh, the co-founder and Chief of Product and Growth, said that the top 20 per cent of its most active users are spending 1.5 hours daily on the app and the average daily engagement time for its users is 7.5 minutes.

Just like VMate, Chingari pays its content creator on the basis of how viral the video becomes. For every video that users upload, they get points per view which can be redeemed for money.

chingari, chingari app, short video app, chingari app android, what is chingari app, chingari app review Chingari app’s main screen. (Image: Screenshot/ Chingari app)

Chingari is available for both Android and iOS. Once you install and open the app, it will show you its Term of Service and Privacy Policy, which you need to accept in order to use the app. Now you need to choose a language from amongst Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Odiya, English, Malayalam, and Punjabi. As soon as you select the language, it takes you to the app which has three main screens or tabs— Videos, News, and Game Zone. However, the first thing that catches your attention is the top banner ad to play quizzes on the app.

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The video part looks similar to the likes of TikTok, Likee, and VMate but with some differences and lesser functions of course. You can swipe up or down for more videos but cannot swipe right for the creator’s profile. Instead, you need to click on the user’s picture at the bottom to see the profile, which again doesn’t showcase the videos from the creator in tile format but has a timeline design.

chingari, chingari app, short video app, chingari app android, what is chingari app, chingari app review How videos tab on Chingari app looks like. (Image: Screenshot/ Chingari app)

I spent some time on the app and wasn’t impressed by the video part. The Chingari app could have garnered more than 2.5 million downloads but there is a lack of creators as well as viewers on the platform. The video making tool needs some improvement as well as more filters and stickers. Also, it looks like the major user base of the app spend their time on News tab or Game section as my feed did not show me a single video that had more than 2,000 views and I could not find a creator with more than 100 followers.

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The Game Zone looks like a neat addition to the Chingari app for those who like to play quiz and mini-games to earn points or Paytm cash. On the app, you can play Bingo and Quiz or choose a game from a long list of mini-games that also include popular games like Cut the Rope, Sudoku, and more. To play any of these games, you need to wait a bit before the game loads within the Chingari app. Depending on the size of the game, the wait time could wary.

chingari, chingari app, short video app, chingari app android, what is chingari app, chingari app review Game Zone on the Chingari app. (Image: Screenshot/ Chingari app)

I liked the News tab on the app, which turned out to be a reliable source of information. You can follow your favourite news publishers to access them with a single tap or consume news category-wise. The News tab also has a ‘For you’ section but I cannot comment on its efficiency based on my limited time with the app. To read a news article, you do no need to leave the app. Once you click on a news article, the website opens within the app’s in-app browser.

chingari, chingari app, short video app, chingari app android, what is chingari app, chingari app review You can save WhatsApp Status on Chingari app. (Image: Screenshot/ Chingari app)

Apart from these three tabs, Chingari app has a nice little feature that I found quite useful. You can download the WhatsApp Status using the application with just a single tap on the condition that you have already opened the Status in WhatsApp. To use the feature, tap on the arrow button towards the left and tap on WhatsApp Status to see all the status segregated into images and videos, which you can download with a simple tap.

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Although there are many test providers with their own version of the test, most, if not all, of them are designed to measure the same set of traits, competencies, and behaviors in a candidate.


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Most of these applicants, even if they are competent or qualified for the job, think that presenting themselves as overly friendly, approachable, or down to earth would make them the prime choice for the position when in reality this is not what the company is looking for.

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  • Expect questions that will test your sense of ‘compromise’


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Depending on how you answer these questions in the leadership test, the company will be able to know what sort of mediator you are.


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  • Expect questions that will measure your ambitiousness


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Remember, although you are applying for a position at the company, what is to say that you won’t leave them after one or two years after finding a better offer at a different or rival company?

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As a result, companies use the leadership test to prevent such a thing from happening in the first place.


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With all of these pointers in mind, we hope that we have helped you in becoming more prepared to take the leadership test.

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The RSA and Elliptic Curve cryptographic standards of today are very easily breakable by quantum computers, completely undermining the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information held by businesses, governments and even intelligence agencies.

So severe is the problem that the US National Security Agency warned in 2015 it must ‘act now’ to safeguard its systems from the quantum threat, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) initiated a process to define new, quantum-ready cryptographic standards. Unlike older standards, post-quantum cryptography algorithms rely on computational problems that are hard even for quantum computers to solve.

PQShield, which span out from the University of Oxford, is helping businesses prepare for this threat. Its team is pioneering the development and commercial roll-out of quantum-secure cryptography – advanced cryptographic solutions for hardware, software and communications that will protect information from the quantum threat, yet can be implemented using today’s technology and are interoperable with companies’ legacy systems.

Dr Ali El Kaafarani, a research fellow at Oxford’s Mathematical Institute and former engineer at Hewlett-Packard Labs, founded PQShield in 2018 after observing the disconnect between the scale of the quantum threat and the level of information security seen at most businesses today.

PQShield’s team is made up of researchers with hundreds of publications between them, and has one of the UK’s highest concentrations of cryptography PhDs outside academia and the classified sector.

PQShield’s founder and CEO, Dr El Kaafarani, said: “Too often, we see a huge gulf between academic theory and commercial reality. Cryptographers know that quantum computers pose a real and devastating threat, yet most businesses fail to recognise the need to protect their information beyond today’s security challenges.

“At PQShield, our team of researchers and engineers is bringing cutting-edge cryptography solutions out of the research lab and into today’s businesses, so they can confidently face the security threats of today and tomorrow. We are delighted to partner with Kindred Capital and our other investors to help realise our vision of a world in which quantum computers pose no threat to information security.”

Chrysanthos Chrysanthou, partner at Kindred Capital, added: “With some of the brightest minds in cryptography, mathematics and engineering, and boasting world-class software and hardware solutions, PQShield is uniquely positioned to lead the charge in protecting businesses from one of the most profound threats to their future.

“We couldn’t be happier to support the team as it works to set a new standard for information security and defuse the risks resulting from the rise of quantum.”

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