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Strictly celebrities will be automatically axed if they get coronavirus



Celebrities taking part in Strictly Come Dancing will be automatically axed from the show if they contract Covid-19, BBC bosses have confirmed.

This year’s line-up is shorter by two celebs this year as the dancing competition starts weeks earlier in late October.

Lining out the stringent measures the BBC programme has undertaken to combat coronavirus, Executive Producer Sarah James explained to Mirror TV and other news outlets the change in studio format and use of close contact cohorts between couples and bubbles.

She also confirmed that anyone that contracts coronavirus during the show will immediately be disqualified.

Strictly’s 2019 cast missed out on this year’s coronavirus chaos

James explained: “Unfortunately if you receive a positive test that means that you wouldn’t be able to continue in the competition. Obviously, according to government guidelines, if you receive a positive test you have to isolate for two weeks and that would rule them out of the show.”

Among the changes to Strictly this year include the axing of Blackpool and Halloween week, the reason for the latter being the show starting later than it usually would in late October and it being too early for a themed week.

There will be no elimination on the first week, as per usual, and there will be a group dance on the launch show – but all of the couples will be dancing together and won’t switch partners.

Bruno Tonioli will be missing from the panel this year

Maisie Smith won the Children In Need Strictly Come Dancing special with Kevin Clifton last year

This year, the celebrities won’t discover who their professional partner is during the launch but instead via VT.

Presenter Claudia Winkleman’s backstage room up the stairs will also change this year and won’t be full of all of the couples as another awaits their results. Instead, Claudia will interview each couple at a time while the others wait at their own socially distanced tables in the audience.

As we know, Bruno Tonioli won’t be appearing on the panel this year but will be watching via live link and will give an update on his views during the results show.

James also explained the amount of crew in the studio had been reduced and that they had acquired new tracking cameras and extra lighting in a change to the set design.

Could Jamie Laing be forced to pull out a second year in a row?

Strictly Come Dancing 2020

Strictly will also be implementing “augmented reality” to the sets, which will make it more virtual as they crew usually only has 1 minute 30 seconds to change set pieces which, in the current climate, is incredibly difficult to do.

Dave Arch is back in the orchestra but, due to social distancing, it is impossible to fit all of the musicians into the space so some elements of songs will be pre-played.

Explaining the audience element, James said: “We are prepped for any scenario so we can add or take away people… we have made plans for no audience, socially distanced or full.”

Neil Jones won’t get a celebrity partner this year

Everyone in the studio will also be socially distancing and before entering the set, they need to sign a self-declaration form stating that they don’t have coronavirus. The set will also be deep-cleaned every day.

Specific hair and make-up artists will be assigned to each couple to limit the amount of mixing.

Addressing how professionals and celebrities were able to dance together, James explained the system they had in place: “To be in a CCC you have to be with just one person and you are regularly tested to be in a CCC.

“On top of that we are also asking our celebrities and dancers to be part of an exclusive support bubble, which means that one half of the party has to live alone. So either the dancer or the celebrity will be living alone in order to form the exclusive support bubble.”

Going on to how that would affect those who were not partnered with a celebrity, she explained: “We have four professional dancers who won’t be partnering celebrities this year – they are Nadiya Bychkova, Neil Jones, Graziano di Prima and Nancy Xu.

“So we have two males and two females who perform CCCs together and they’ll be able to dance in the guest music acts.”

*Strictly Come Dancing returns in October on BBC One

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Celebrities Encouraging People To Vote




“Let’s put out the dumpster fire that is 2020.”

As you (hopefully) know, the US presidential election is just around the corner. This is the biggest election of our lives, people!! So here are 25 celebrities who are encouraging you to make your voice heard on Nov. 3:


Lady Gaga:

I know this is cheesy🤓…but is easy. This is my new single 😂 Don’t give up ….it’s important your voice is heard!


Taylor Swift:

📹 | Taylor Swift encouraging everyone to register to vote #NationalVoterRegistrationDay


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds:


Samuel L. Jackson:

You guys showed up and blasted through our Voter Action Goal for #GoodToVote! So as promised, here’s some Cussin’ 15 ways to go! Thanks for getting involved and make sure to #vote on Nov.3rd! #votemask @faircount @fairfight #MKsaysVote #yourvoicematters


And finally, Demi Moore:

For voting resources and information, click here.

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A Collection of Celebrities ‘Angry’ At Being Made Fun of in Mad Magazine




Knowledge Waits is a feature where I just share some bit of comic book history that interests me.

Over the years, Mad Magazine became a cultural icon, but at the same time, it also had an unusual response from the celebrities who were made fun of in the magazine. In the early days of the magazine, when it was not yet an institution, celebrities mostly ignored it. It became a major part of the popular culture around the 1960s (with the proliferation of the collections) and over time, celebrities who grew up on it treated it with the adoration that it deserved. However, once celebrities started paying attention, it was usually fawning reactions. If you folks are interested, I’ll feature THOSE reactions in the future.

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Over time, though, in the early 1980s, a new standard reaction started to pop up in the magazine, which is celebrities feigning anger/disgust over their parodies in the magazine. There was a borderline example involving Gary Coleman that I’ll leave for that theoretical other column (as it wasn’t quite “angry” enough) and then the big one was following Dick DeBartolo and Angelo Torres’s parody of the Dukes of Hazzard in Mad #219…

The great Sorrell Booke (Boss Hogg) replied, sort of in character as the villainous Hogg, along with a photo of the cast reacting negatively to the parody, but as you can see, it was the “bad” characters who were disgusted, while the heroic Dukes are laughing at it…

However, that idea “show the cast upset at the magazine” was now firmly entrenched and so we got a bunch of them after that.

Dick DeBartolo and Mort Drucker had the major assignment of tackling the final film in the original Star Wars trilogy, Return of the Jedi, in Mad #242…

In a clever response, Mark Hamill replied with two responses. His official response, which was the standard happy reaction, and his REAL response, which was disgust…

I love Hamill’s “You’ll never be dumb enough to print it” gag.

In Mad #261, Lou Silverstone and Mort Drucker took on Miami Vice, with the parody getting the cover treatment, as well.

Don Johnson was very busy at the time, and so his reaction was a bit more delayed than others, so it was not until Mad #271 that he wrote in with his reaction to the parody of Miami Vice, with photos of his disgust over the magazine, but along with a letter that noted that appearing on the cover of Mad magazine meant more to him than any of his other magazine covers he had appeared on so far in his career.


Another delayed reaction is when Dick DeBartolo and Angelo Torres took on The Equalizer in Mad #271…

Ten issues later, the star of the show, Edward Woodward, was shown taking out his revenge on DeBartolo in Mad #281’s letter column…

In Mad #273, Al Jaffee did a quick parody of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and Pee-Wee Herman was also on the cover of the magazine…

Paul Reubans, Pee-Wee Herman himself, responded in Mad #275 by letting Mad know very clearly that he thought that they were so funny that he forgot to laugh…

In that same issue, Head of the Class was parodied by Frank Jacobs and Angelo Torres…

And the cast responded with their disgust three issues later…

Dick DeBartolo and Angelo Torres took on 21 Jump Street in Mad #286…

and Holly Robinson wrote in to the magazine with a photo of the cast reacting to the parody, with a note that Stephen Williams, the captain on the show, now has his arm stuck in his throat because of this!

Dick DeBartolo and Angelo Torres figuratively tore apart Murphy Brown in Mad #289…

In Mad #294, Candice Bergen responded with a photo of her literally tearing the issue apart, along with a “complimentary” notice where she invites the Mad gang to her house for some fun – not to be assaulted! Let’s be very clear that she definitely does not invite them to a location alleged to be her house so that they could be assaulted. Have to be explicitly clear about that.

In that same issue, Dick DeBartolo and Angelo Torres did a parody of Doogie Howser, M.D…

In Mad #299, there were two responses to the parody. One came from Stephen Bochco, who co-created the series. Previously, Bochco had responded quite favorably when his hit series, L.A. Law, had graced the cover of Mad, to the point where he had the cast recreate the cover (if I do that piece on happy responses to Mad from celebrities, that will probably be the featured image). Neil Patrick Harris, however, the star of the series, did the now-typical “disgusted” reaction and sent a photo of him throwing the issue into the trash…

Amusingly, years later, Mad had Neil Patrick Harris (still a star as an adult actor) recreate the photo of him throwing out the copy of Mad. You can check it out on their site here.

As we headed deep into the 1990s, Mad had now embraced the idea of “Celebrity Snaps” so much that they became a recurring bit in the series, but they now involved fans sending in a photo of themselves with a celebrity and an issue of Mad and in return, they would get a free subscription to the magazine. These photos overtook celebrities sending in their own photos. But it still DID happen.

For instance, after Dick DeBartolo and Angelo Torres parodied X-Files in Mad #335…

The stars of the show (along with creator Chris Carter) sent in a “shocked” photo for Mad #338…

As the magazine moved into color, Mad had become SUCH a cultural institution that celebrities were quite happy to just pose with a copy.

But occasionally, casts would still send in “angry” responses. For instance, after Josh Gordon and Mort Drucker parodied Joan of Arcadia in Mad #440…

The cast responded in Mad #450…

In that same issue, Arnie Kogen and Tom Richmond parodied Two and a Half Men…

and then, just two issues later, the cast of the sitcom responded with a disgusted photo in Mad #452 (including a mystery man dressed as Alfred E. Neuman. I suppose it COULD be Chuck Lorre, the creator of the sitcom)…

Lots of fun stuff.

If anyone has an idea for an interesting piece of comic book history, drop me a line at!

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