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30 celebrity trivia quiz questions to test your general knowledge



No virtual pub quiz would be complete without a celebrity trivia round.

This quiz, will test your general knowledge of some of the world’s most famous faces.

From singers to actors and TV personalities – we’ll really put your knowledge of the world’s most bright and beautiful to the test.

We’re asking you – who married who? And what’s their real name?

So if you think you’re hot on the most recent celebrity goss, this is definitely the general knowledge quiz for you.

We’ve included the answers at the bottom too – but no cheating!

And if you loved this quiz and want to test your brain on even more subjects, like food, films and history – check out some of our other popular quiz questions below.

So without further ado, roll out that red carpet and strike a pose because things are about to get a little star-studded around here.

Celebrity quiz questions

1. Taylor Swift grew up on what type of farm?

2. What is Owen Wilson’s middle name?

3. American singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is best known by which stagename?

4. Which singer was known amongst other things as ‘The King of Pop’ and ‘The Gloved One’?

5. One of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, and was named FIFA Goalkeeper of the Year on six occasions?

6. In which film of 1956 did Elvis Presley make his debut?

7. Who was Bruce Forsyth’s first female assistant on the Generation Game?

8. Which actress, model and icon said: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

9. In which Irish city was Terry Wogan born in August 1938?

10. Ryan Reynolds starred alongside Melissa George in this 2005 spine chiller?

11. Which island nation is popstar Rihanna from?

12. Which Italian city did George Clooney get married to Amal?

13. How many Hemsworth brothers are there?

14. How long did Pamela Anderson know Motely Crue drummer Tommy Lee before marrying him?

15. Which make-up mogul became the youngest billionaire in the world?

16. Who is Dolly Parton married to?

17. What is the name of the character, Ed Westwick played in hit show Gossip Girl?

18. Which actor/writer presented the Crystal Maze and also wrote the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

19. Tom Cruise is an outspoken member of which religion?

20. What is Brad Pitt’s real full name?

21. Which American actor and film maker was born Mark Sinclair?

22. Who was the winner of the first ever UK series of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’?

23. Which English supermodel was born is Streatham in May 1970?

24. Which actor, famous for starring in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’, was also the voice of Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit films?

25. Who was the English crime writer famous for writing the Inspector Morse series, who died in March 2017?

26. What is the name of Kim Kardashian’s eldest child?

27. How many Oscars has Leonardo DiCaprio won?

28. Which footballer has the most Instagram followers in the world – as of 2020?

29. Which X-Factor Judge and music tycoon has a son called Eric?

30. What is Cher’s last name?

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1. Christmas Tree Farm

2. Cunningham

3. Lady Gaga

4. Michael Jackson

5. Gordon Banks

6. Love Me Tender

7. Anthea Redfern

8. Marilyn Monroe

9. Limerick

10. The Amityville Horror

11. Barbados

12. Venice

13. Three

14. Four days

15. Kylie Jenner

16. Carl Thomas Dean

17. Chuck Bass

18. Richard O’Brien

19. Scientology

20. William Bradley Pitt

21. Vin Diesel

22. Tony Blackburn

23. Naomi Campbell

24. Peter Sallis

25. Colin Dexter

26. North West

27. One

28. Cristiano Ronaldo

29. Simon Cowell

30. Sarkisian – full name Cherilyn Sarkisian

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Celebrity news: Gord Downie’s final solo album comes out next month




A major uptick in coronavirus cases in Spain has renewed all sorts of tensions — even within the capital’s royal opera house.

On Sunday, a performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Un Ballo in Maschera” at the Teatro Real was cancelled after spectators spent more than an hour shouting and clapping to protest against what they said were insufficient social distancing measures in the opera house’s mezzanine levels. Photos and videos shared on social media showed filled rows in the upper sections of the house, in contrast to the orchestra level of the auditorium, where spectators were separated by vacant seats.

Julio Bravo, a journalist who covers opera for the Spanish newspaper ABC, said he had “never seen anything quite like this in my 35 years in this job.”

Bravo said the protests had been kicked off by spectators in the mezzanine, who started to clap and shout for the performance to be called off because of crowding.

“We all know that Spaniards are hotblooded, and it is clear that we are now in a situation that helps foment protests and complaints,” Bravo said by phone.

The Teatro Real said in a statement Monday it had adhered to the latest rules set by Madrid’s regional government, which restrict performing arts venues to 75 per cent of their capacity, and had gone even further by limiting ticket sales to 65 per cent. The new rules do not stipulate that vacant seats must be left between spectators, as long as they wear masks.

The Teatro Real said in a statement Sunday night that it had complied with government safety measures. It said only 905 of the house’s seats had been sold, equivalent to 51.5% of its capacity. It had offered unhappy spectators the opportunity to move to other seats, the statement added, or get a reimbursement for their tickets, but instead “a very reduced” number of spectators had ensured the opera could not continue.

The New York Times

‘Guess How Much I Love You’ author dies

Sam McBratney, the Irish children’s author whose picture story of ever-wider and higher devotion “Guess How I Much Love You” became bedtime reading for millions of families, has died.

Candlewick Press announced that McBratney died Friday at age 77. Additional details were not immediately available. His death comes less than two weeks before the publication of “Will You Be My Friend?”, a companion to his 1994 classic, which has sold more than 50 million copies and has been translated into 57 languages.

“Sam McBratney was a profoundly lovely human being,” Karen Lotz, group managing director of Candlewick’s parent company Walker Books Group, said in a statement Monday. “You could recognize his voice in a moment — he was an exceptionally talented wordsmith and always knew exactly what children would enjoy hearing the most. Amazingly humble, he also was a hilarious storyteller and convivial companion.”

McBratney would call his famous book “a lighthearted little story designed to help a big one and a wee one enjoy the pleasure of being together.” With illustrations by Anita Jeram, “Guess How Much I Love You” tells of older and younger nutbrown hares — presumed to be father and son — and their game of one-upmanship as each declares his feelings for the other, with the title a question repeated throughout.

McBratney is survived by his wife of 56 years, Marilyn; three children and six grandchildren

A native of Belfast and a graduate of Trinity College in Dublin, McBratney was a history teacher who wrote more than 50 books even though he didn’t become a full-time writer until middle age, when he retired from teaching. His other works include the historical novel “The Chieftain’s Daughter,” “The Lough Neah Monster” and “School Trip to the Stars.”

The Associated Press

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Celebrity Social Media Round-Up for September 21, 2020




The Rock is definitely a “if you’re not 5 minutes early, you’re late” person and we know how seriously he takes work. He was leaving for set in the morning (he’s shooting Black Adam in Atlanta) and the gate wasn’t working so instead of being an hour late, he ripped the thing straight off a brick wall. OK, I can understand his work ethic compelled him to do this because he does not abide keeping a crew waiting, but did the house not have a ladder? Why couldn’t he climb over the gate and then get a car to pick him up? Whatever, never mind that: you now there’s security footage of this and I think we will see it when during the press for the film. 


Back in January 2020, when we could be in crowded rooms, Reese Witherspoon scored a glass of Ace of Spades from Jay and Bey’s personal stash at the Golden Globes. The Carters then sent Reese her own case, which she saved for a special occasion – an Emmy party in her backyard.

In a “well at least it didn’t happen in person” moment, Jason Bateman was named the winner of Guest Actor in a Drama Series (the real winner is Ron Cephas Jones from This Is Us – we’ll get back to that in a second) which was announced at the Creative Arts Emmys a couple of days ago. This is a very Michael Bluth moment (Jason didn’t win for The Outsider) but there’s a lot to be grateful for – at least he didn’t walk halfway up to the stage or have a full-on La La Land/Moonlight moment. But there’s more to this award than Jason losing: Ron Cephas Jones and his daughter Jasmine Cephas are the first ever father-daughter duo to win in the same year (Jasmine won for outstanding actress in a short, comedy or drama for Quibi’s #FreeRayshawn). 


Will you look at this chunky monkey!!!! Wyatt looks so squishy, which would make him a great nap partner. 

Ms. Tina held her yearly WACO Gala online this year and so many people showed up with a corny joke for her (Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Isaa Rae, Marsai Martin, Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett, Megan Thee Stallion – that’s just a few of the names). There are many more on her Instagram page and this is a testament to not just how beloved of a matriarch she is, but of how she shows up for others and, when it’s time, they show up for her. The two corny jokes I want to focus on come from Solange (read Ms. Tina’s caption about her, “My Baby does nothing like this for anyone, She is an Artist You Know”) and Beyoncé, who did her joke while Blue said “mom, the voice, no.” Ms. Tina didn’t like the first take (“put on some makeup and get in some good light”) – she told B to fix her face! Only a mother could do that. 


Diplo has worked with Noah Cyrus and Billy Rae Cyrus and now, maybe Miley? Because 2020 has been so chaotic, I’m almost hoping this is a temporary fling because it would be an absolutely bonkers and dramatic pairing that would play out on social media and this is exactly the kind of distraction we need for the next two months.

Attached – Jason Bateman in the audience during the 72nd annual Emmy Awards.

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This Week, Celebrities Gave Virtual Events Real Fashion Moments




This week’s proliferation of digital press tours and socially-distanced awards shows didn’t skimp on the fashion. The events may have been (mostly) virtual, but the attendees provided plenty of real-world style inspiration. Celebrities have embraced the new normal with flair, sourcing the latest runway collections and expanding their repertoires in the process. Case in point: as Lily Collins spread the word about Emily in Paris, her new show from Sex and the City creator Darren Star, she brought out the Saint Laurent. Typically at home in a flirty cocktail dress or ultra-feminine gown, Collins showed off another side in Anthony Vaccarello’s haute bourgeois powder blue blazer and latex leggings. Sexy, sophisticated, and fittingly Parisian, her look was a winning departure.

At the premiere of her horror film Antebellum, Janelle Monae channeled classic elegance in Elie Saab’s lace and sequin laden ball gown. The all-black piece from the designer’s spring 2020 runway was given an edgy update thanks to Monae’s layers of diamond chokers and strategic application of facial glitter. Co-star Achok Majak stuck with the inky color palette but took things in a different direction with a tie-dye blouse, high-waisted leather harem pants, and Gucci’s towering platforms. The cherry on top of her red carpet debut was a mask featuring the film’s butterfly motif.

Impressive details kept things interesting at a global slate of parties and premieres. At Bulgari’s Baroko party in Rome, the focus was (naturally) on jewelry with Anna Cleveland’s geometric ruby and diamond necklace accenting a jewel tone corseted gown from Vivienne Westwood. Lily Aldridge went against the grain at the ACM Awards in burgundy and black Proenza Schouler number paired with square-toe sandals. When everyone else is playing with sparkles, spangles, and embellishment, going minimal makes a statement. A little bit country, a little bit rock ’n’roll, Aldridge’s sleek look gave the night its fashion high point.

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